Informed Simplifications, LLC is an independent research and development company dedicated to improving human health. We are developing tools, technology, and knowledge that enhance our understanding of the brain and its control of mental processes and behavior. These same projects are also aimed at improving psychiatric and neurological applications of neuroscientific knowledge.

Our expertise is in data analysis and the construction of quantitative models of brain function and the function of its constituent parts. Unfortunately, a full, total understanding of the normal brain and its variations across individuals will exceed anyone's scientific abilities for several decades to come. However, this does not prevent the application of what we know, or will soon know, to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological maladies. In this regard, informed simplifications of brain models are crucial, as for example, in the development of rational, polypharmaceutical treatments of depression. Informed simplifications are theoretical insights that allow us to match the required complexity of quantitative brain models to the knowledge that is available.